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January 18, 2016

Novacopper Inc. stock continues to fall


Novacopper Inc (NYSEMKT:NCQ)  stock continues to fall trading as low as $0.17 during the day, a new 52 week low for the company.

“In the matter of earnings surprises, the term “Cockroach Effect” is often implied. Cockroach Effect is a market theory that suggests that when a company reveals bad news to the public, there may be many more related negative events that have yet to be revealed. In the case of earnings surprises, if a company is suggesting a negative earnings surprise it means there are more to come.”  Read the full article here.

Letter: Say no to Ambler Road

Governor Walker mistakenly believes there is federal money at stake in the Ambler Road proposal. There is a lot of money, millions and millions, but it is all State of Alaska money. All. Of. It.

“Page 4 of the state’s request for proposals for an EIS consultant clearly states that “The proposed contract will not be a Federally Assisted Program.””  Read the letter here

December 31, 2015

Why spend on the proposed road to Ambler when maintenance budgets for existing roads are being cut?

“Why has Gov. Walker authorized the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority to spend an additional $3.6 million on the proposed Ambler Road while cutting $3.2 million from the Department of Transportation’s northern region maintenance budget of our existing roads, including the Steese Highway to Circle?

The road to Ambler is unwanted by the vast majority of the residents of both the Koyukuk and Kobuk valleys. AIDEA does not have a legal right-of-way from the Dalton Highway west across Evansville Inc. land. AIDEA’s new route proposal to avoid Evansville land by going through Doyon land would require an act of Congress to get across the Gates of the Arctic National Park wilderness…”

Read the full letter to the editor here: Road maintenance cuts