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September 13, 2015

Copper Contamination in Skagway – Officials Demand Action

While the DEC states the copper concentrations in the discharge are above “threshold effect level”, a level that will affect marine life, AIDEA maintains it is “not at a level that would be considered hazardous.” Continuing discharge events are still regularly documented. Read the full article here

September 8, 2015

Copper mines as a sustainable economy?

In Arizona, hundreds of workers received layoff notices from mining companies in response to a weak global demand. Tucson-based Asarco stated that it plans to shut down a concentrator plant in Hayden and slow production at a mine in Ray. The mine has already had two rounds of layoffs this year.

“We’ve always understood mining has a finite life and is very cyclical.”-Ellen Kretsch, executive director of the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce stated.

Read more about copper mines and their current financial stability  Asarco Plans Layoffs after Freeport Cuts, Copper Industry Downturn

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