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April 4, 2016

U.S. mining losses wipe out 8 years worth of profits

The Wall Street Journal reported that profits from the U.S. mining industry have fallen so far that they have wiped out the past 8 years of profits. This begs the question as to whether high risk mining ventures are a secure financial investment for Alaskans. Perhaps Alaska should be spending money on diversifying it’s economy instead of building roads and funding an industry that is losing money.

“Mining corporations with assets of $50 million or more recorded a collective $227 billion after-tax loss last year, according to Commerce Department data released Monday. That loss essentially wipes out all the profits the industry had made since 2007.”  Read the full article here: U.S. Mining Losses Last Year Wipe Out Profits From Past Eight Years

February 21, 2016

Northwest Arctic Borough elder speaks about the Red Dog Mine

Community elder Willie Goodwin responds to the pocket change his community is being forced to live off of in this short but powerful video. Click  here to watch the video.

Locals continue to fight the proposed Ambler road – as spending continues

John Gaedeke Chairman of the Brooks Range Council speaks about the continued spending by the legislature on proposed road to Ambler: “The Legislature has such a culture of spending that it doesn’t even occur to anyone to look at the books.”

The state is still spending millions of dollars on the proposed 211-mile Ambler Road, a route to a mining prospect in Northwest Alaska expected to cost $450 million.I am not anti-mine and anti-development but I would like to be pro-thought process,” Gaedeke said…Four other projects have so far consumed another $325 million without producing anything but engineers’ salaries and consultant reports. Gov. Bill Walker stopped all four when he came into office but quietly let them start again. All are now consuming state money in the midst of the state’s massive budget crisis.”   Read the full article: Locals fight 211-mile arctic road as megaproject spending continues.