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November 23, 2015

Nome’s mine permanently closes after NovaGold violates Clean Water Act

“The mine was originally owned by Canadian mining company NovaGold and operated by its subsidiary, Alaska Gold. It opened briefly in 2008 before shutting its doors just months later. In the two years of preproduction and the two months of actual production, the mine went more than $20 million over budget, lost two of its workers in a construction-related accident, and violated the Clean Water Act, resulting in over $800,000 in federal fines.”

Read the full article here: Gold dreams scrapped at Nome’s defunct mine

Now the same CEO of the defunct Rock Creek Mine is hoping for more help from the State of Alaska this time at the Ambler Mining District, 220 miles of road for starters…

November 17, 2015

Alaska DOT cuts road crews and winter overtime

AKDOT took a $34 million dollar budget cut this year while the Ambler Road Proposal closes in on spending $30 million dollars in studies, consultants and permit applications…

“Cuts to the state operating budget have forced the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to eliminate 35 surface transportation maintenance positions and abolish overtime for winter road crews.

DOT took a $34 million hit — a 12.5 percent reduction — to its fiscal 2016 general fund operating budget, most of which goes to running the Alaska Marine Highway System and maintaining the states roads, runways and other facilities.” Read the full article here.

Ambler Road a farce – Letter to the editor

Lou Brown of Fairbanks questions whether a road that is being opposed by so many, and is so costly to build, is even being considered at this time.

“In this climate of fiscal disaster and an almost universal antipathy for the project, this expenditure makes no sense. There have already been more than 20 public meetings all over Northwest Alaska, as well as in Anchorage and Fairbanks. The villages of Allakaket, Alatna, Evansville, Bettles and Kobuk have passed resolutions against this road. Tanana Chiefs Conference has passed a resolution against the road. Evansville Inc. must authorize the road to go through 70,000 acres of private land, something they have no intention of doing…The state has already spent $23 million on this project, yet AIDEA has no idea how they will finance actual construction…”  Read the full article here.