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September 20, 2014

A beautiful short film discusses the importance of keeping the wilderness and subsistence lifestyle intact

The National Parks Conservation Association put out a beautiful short video explaining how the road will affect the land, animals, and substance lifestyle of the people that live in that area.  Speakers on the video include: Gary Hanchett the mayor of Bettles, Shaylisa Moses a local teenager from Allakaket, PJ Simon Second Chief of Allakaket, Gordon Bergman First Chief of Allakaket, and John Gaedeke of Iniakuk Lake and Wilderness Lodge and the chairman of Brooks Range Council.

Mushing movie magic: Filmmakers make plans for northern Alaska

A short story in the Outdoor section of the Fairbanks Daily News Miner about an expedition to document the impacts of a road to Ambler and another expedition to follow Hudson Stuck’s journeys from Fairbanks to Kotzebue.



September 2, 2014

Proposed road to Ambler mining district faces fresh opposition along route

Opposition to the proposed ambler road continues to grow with many villages a long the corridor raising concerns and opposing the construction of the road.  The city of Bettles and the village of Evansville lie closest to the proposed road and have both passed resolutions against the construction of the road.

Alaska Dispatch reported that during a recent meeting in Bettles and Evansville Gary Hanchett, Mayor of Bettles, described Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority’s attitude towards both Bettles and Evansville as disrespectful.

“They said they were working with Evansville on this, and of course that only aggravated people,” Hanchett said. “And they gave us the attitude, that ‘Well, this is not really gonna stand, they’ll change their minds, and it’s only temporary.’ ”

“That was astounding,” Hanchett said. “That cavalier way is not received well by anybody.”