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August 26, 2015

New study indicates mine waste disasters increasing worldwide

“A new study reveals that catastrophic mine waste failures are increasing in frequency, severity, and costs all around the world.

The authors point toward poor regulations, poor practices, dicey mining economics, and ever larger mines as key factors behind those disasters.”

The article state that: “nearly half of all recorded “serious failures” happened in modern times, between 1990 and 2010. It calculated an average cost of US$543 million for the most serious spills, with some climbing well above US$1.3 billion.”

Read the full article here


February 23, 2015

High Country News reports on the fight to stop the proposed Ambler road

High Country News reports on the proposed road to Ambler.

It’s hard to find a place more remote than Bettles, Alaska. The village of 15 people lies 35 miles north of the Arctic Circle on the Koyukuk River, accessible to the outside world only by an ice road, boat or plane. And 69-year-old mayor Gary Hanchett likes it that way. “I love the country,”he says in a slow, gravelly voice. “To this day I don’t see myself ever living south of the (Yukon).” 

But former Governor Sean Parnell targeted the region around Bettles for one of a handful of “mega-projects,”huge developments meant to create jobs and tap into Alaska’s untouched resources. In this case, the resource was copper, and the project a 220-mile long mining road that would cross more than 100 streams and rivers, countless acres of tundra and wetlands, and Gates of the Arctic National Park. It would also trundle right past Hanchett’s house, bringing exhaust fumes and possibly asbestos dust to a place where he usually smokes fish.” Read the rest of the article here.

Governor Walker’s team recommends better oversight and an independent audit for AIDEA

The final report from Governor Walker’s Infrastructure transition team was released and recommends AIDEA/AEA have better oversight and an independent audit to ensure that decisions on project funding are based on the good of Alaska rather than political decisions. View the full report here infrastructure_final